claim the campion

remember holy perceived date: 2020-4-30
& settled next day, int' Labor day Holiday amid PRC insane blockage.
claim namespace for my 3rd child, igearth朱启壤, after crash with nearby restorant girl and saw holy bliss since hometown animal pal, which is resilient & beautiful, the name inspired by Chinese legendry ancestor, 启, who steals earth from heaven to heal flood pestered China, also among insane PRC surveillance. this morning google allow me claim the gmail while several tries days ago malfuncational amid PRC mid-man's attacks, in last step secures the namespace. so far my bank cards' lockdown due credit crisis eased by hometown relatives aids, and allow the operation which costs 82 cny or $11.61, blissful. visit it at dear son, in blissful of 3rd, as your grandpa and dad, hope u originally robustest!
---noted by his pround dad, benzrad华中朱子卓。


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